New server setup! Time for a Macross video!

The 30th anniversary of the original Macross series happened a while ago but this is just a great collection of the music and the updated visuals for the anime.

What is that background?

I watched a trailer for the anime series Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (Star Blazers in the USA) this weekend. It reminded me how cool this show was and the imagery of it kind of stuck in my head.

My wonderful girlfriend actually bought me a tiny model from this show, a little space ship that I assembled and painted.



I love supercuts.

Nope, not the hair cut place. The edited media clip compilations that people make to share their favorite scenes from various things.

Here, take a look at this. 60 swordfights condensed into one awesome video montage. Warning! It gets a bit bloody toward the end.

New Year, New Fu!

New version of Shovelfu… tossing all the old content because… I want to!